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Ultra HD Flyer printing in chennai is the best way to marketing. Today, ads placed on the pages of sites and sent to potential customers by e-mail are becoming increasingly important. But traditional advertising flyers, printed on paper, have not lost their relevance and are among the most popular marketing tools. And this is not surprising: the fact of manufacturing flyers suggests that the company takes seriously the issue of forming its image and does not spare funds for a well-thought-out and comprehensive advertising campaign.

An attractive and informative piece of paper can be a decisive argument for visiting your store or sales office, or it can play a completely opposite role. How to ensure that an advertising flyer successfully fulfils its intended function, and is not sent immediately after being received in the trash? For best quality flyer printing in chennai contact Ultra HD Prints.

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What is the Place of The Advertising Flyer Among Other Promotion Tools

The appearance of ads inviting buyers to visit a store or any institution can be attributed to the XVIII century. It was the time of the birth of advertising, which began its history in the form of announcements in newspapers and posters pasted on the walls of buildings.

The progenitors of advertising flyers can be called leaflets. Separate pages with information printed on them were the only means of agitation for underground groups of a revolutionary nature. Of course, their manufacture and distribution was illegal, so activists scattered them from the rooftops of tall buildings near crowded places. The leaflets were carried by the wind through the city blocks, they were picked up and read away from prying eyes. We have well experienced designers and printing assistants for flyer printing in chennai.

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Thanks to this method of distribution, the name “flayer” arose , that is, “flying” With the advent of airplanes, flyers began to spread from them over the territories of trade shows, for example, in Paris. During world wars, leaflets calling for surrender were scattered from aircraft over enemy positions.

It is quite difficult to surprise a modern buyer with flyers, flyer printing in chennai is very easy. Almost every person who does not even know the word “flyer” regularly takes small pieces of paper from his mailbox inviting him to visit the store or call the master to his house. Visitors to shopping centers are used to seeing young people presenting advertising flyers to everyone passing by at every step.

Why is this way of attracting customers still so popular? The answer is quite simple: to create a design layout and print the circulation of advertising flyers will not be difficult and will not require enormous costs, but the effectiveness of this method is very high. The opportunity to get a discount on the flyer, even the most modest, or a small gift for a perfect purchase attracts a large number of customers

An advertising campaign, as a rule, consists of several different tools that differ both in cost and in degree of return. It is clear that any customer seeks to get the maximum possible profit at low cost. This is possible if the development and production of advertising products will be entrusted to professionals who know well what an advertising flyer should be, so that a potential buyer would like to come to the address indicated in it or dial a phone number. Flyer printing in chennai helps in best way for the promotion of the products.

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Advertising campaign

An advertising flyer is a small sheet of paper. Flyer printing in chennai main function is to invite customers to an institution, store, salon or to serve as a discount coupon. Flyer printing in chennai flyers costs the customer inexpensively when compared with booklets, posters, calendars and many other printing samples. It is the low cost factor that is decisive for the mass distribution of flyers, so there are so many of them that you often have to observe how trash cans are immediately filled with the received leaflets.

Flyer Printing Service in Chennai 

Therefore, those companies that do not want to abandon the use of advertising flyers have to look for new options for their distribution. Which particular non-standard way of presenting a flyer is preferred, depends on the specifics of the advertising offer contained therein. In order to maximize the return, it is necessary to take care of accurately getting to your target audience, where the percentage of people interested in a given product or service is initially higher. Flyer Printing in chennai houses accept advertising flyers prepared by customers in psd format. We work based on customer customization and requirements needs.

They were and are part of the social rituals

Until the twentieth century, when a courtesy visit was made to another person, this was accompanied by a complex system of leaving business cards and receiving cards, which were no more than a version of the business cards but with the data of the person Visited or visited in question.

Throughout the twentieth century, cards were one of the great networking tools of professionals, since exchanging cards allowed to strengthen the relationship between each other and have the contact details of the shift professional on hand.

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What Types of Advertising Flyers Are

It is easiest to classify the whole variety of leaflets by what they are intended for:

Advertising of goods and services

designed for the broad masses of consumers. The purpose of such flyers is to reach as large an audience as possible. They are used by companies whose products or services are needed by almost everyone. The places of distribution of advertising flyers of this type are exhibitions, fairs, shopping centers, that is, places of a large number of potential consumers.

Related (targeted) advertising

person who made the purchase has already shown his interest in this type of goods or services, therefore, he will probably study the advertising flyer attached to the purchase. The leaflet may contain information about other products of the company, discount system, location of branches.

Requirements of The Design Of An Advertising Flyer Meet In Order For Its Distribution To Be Achieved
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  • The headline should immediately attract attention and not let go until the entire text of the leaflet is read by the person in whose hands it fell.
  • Each phrase of the text should be clear and capacious in order to want to read the sentence that follows. The content of the flyer should be easy to understand and include the maximum necessary information.
  • When designing an advertising flyer, no more than two different fonts are used – one for the title, the second directly for the text. You should not choose too artsy fonts, they will make it difficult to perceive, and a person will simply stop reading.
  • It is not necessary to fill in the text or image the entire surface of the leaflet.
  • If your financial resources are limited, you can order black and white flyers using shades of gray . Against the background of colorful leaflets, they will look stylish and attractive.

Flyer printing in chennai:

Ultra Hd prints in chennai provides best customized flyer’s design and printing. Ultra HD prints use both digital and offset printing method for printing services. Flyer printing in chennai is the best quality flyer which is more colourful and easily attracts the customers. We do other printing services like booklet printing, leaflet printing, envelope printing, letterhead printing etc. For customized flyer printing and brochure design service contact us at 9092833701

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