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Ultra HD prints company is one of the leading stickers printing chennai. We also do product sticker printing with excellent quality in both digital and offset printing service methodology. One of the advantages of stickers is that they can be pasted on any side. It may seem obvious, but nevertheless it is quite interesting to be able to place them on different sides of our company, in order to gain more eye-catching.

Stickers printing chennai

Product sticker printing chennai
Print stickers with promotional motifs, to quickly label all those items to which we want to offer a discount, or simply with some festive or congratulatory motive, to be able to personalize the gifts.

In this way, we will achieve a much better visual impact on the products. This is because we can customize our sticker as we want, beyond the text we want to put on it. For example, the type of colour that we use, can be important if we want to draw the attention of a certain product, since it is proven that the red colour is the one that is first perceived, being this something more aggressive, or we can play with golden motives, if we want to offer a more premium or festive look.

They use state-of-the-art technologies for printing stickers and adhesives with custom designs, which guarantee long life and resistance. The materials used are of the highest quality.

In addition to the colours, the shapes can also be interesting, offering more formal labels and somewhat more extravagant shapes that can serve as a particular identity mark.

Sticker Design

You can make your sticker or if you need it we will design it for you. Printing company is specializing in orders for stickers and labels that have a team of graphic designers that could make complex designs such as the design of wine labels or premium products. We put at your service a team of talented stickers and sticker’s designers.

Sticker production

They have the most advanced machinery for printing and cutting stickers. It allows us to realize any design quickly. Ask us for advice on our materials to obtain the best results in our label printing press. You can pick up your order at our printing press in Madrid or we will send it to you by urgent transport to your address.

Home decoration with custom stickers

Decorate with fully personalized stickers for children’s rooms, master bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens Decorate your home with custom vinyl of any design, size, shape and colour and without minimum order.

Custom clothing labels

Use custom clothing labels and in this way you can know who owns a garment. We use adhesive and thermo adhesive labels for maximum durability. Label your clothes or that of your children with the personalized labels for clothes that we offer you.

Signage stickers

If the signage is not digital and is intended for outdoor and print advertising, the materials must be prepared for it. This means that the files will weigh more, because their size in centimetres will be greater and the resolution will be greater. For this purpose, the more quality the image has, the better the result. The recommended dots per inch for printing are 300 dpi. In this way, any designer who goes to work with the file in question, can make the necessary modifications without fear of losing quality and, once made, the printing press can have the peace of mind of having a material suitable for Ultra HD best poster printing in chennai.

Custom stickers for vehicles

The source images that are used in the composition of the poster, so that they comply with the previous guideline, will have to be as pure as possible, without understanding. The designer or designer who uses it will have many more elements to work with and to highlight in the final poster. Another existing option when in doubt of the size to use is to choose vector images. This type of files can come in different formats more standard or known, but they are created in such a way that increasing or decreasing the size does not affect its resolution for best poster printing in chennai. Thus, there is no risk of pixelating the final art if the measures are changed during the creation process and done carefully in poster printing in chennai, ultra HD prints.

Custom stickers for many uses

Customize all your sports equipment with stickers. You can make stickers for clothes up to rackets, stickers for bicycles, helmets, skis … with our adhesives of high durability and resistance which you can customize 100% to create unique stickers.

You can make stickers for names, flags, shields, logos and everything that can happen to you through the imagination and that allows you to differentiate yourself from others.

Custom stickers in different materials
Custom stickers on white vinyl

These stickers are perfect for printing and die cutting in any size. They have high strength and durability.

Custom stickers on transparent vinyl
It is Ideal for windows and to respect the colour or transparency of the support. It comes with great resistance and durability on any surface.
Custom polyester stickers
It is the most economical alternative to vinyl.
Custom paper stickers
It applied and supports any size, design, shape, and colour. They are of less resistance than other stickers.

Sticker key piece for your advertising actions, of great resistance, that help to communicate your message with a minimum investment, staying in the memory of your clients for a long time.

Stickers Printing Company

Ultra Hd prints

In Ultra Hd prints we do best product sticker print and stickers printing chennai at affordable price to the customers with quick delivery of service. We do printing with high resoution and excellent quality. Best service with high quality output is our motto. Stickers printing chennai are 100% trusted printing service in chennai. We also do other types of printing service in Ultra HD like booklet printing, leaflet printing, envelope printing, brochure designing service etc.. For best stickers printing chennai and product stickers printing contact us at 9092833701.

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